Lake Tahoe Boat Rental FAQ’s

  1. The person who signs the rental contract is defined as the driver, and therefore will be the only individual allowed to operate the boat during the contracted time period.
  2. 50% non-refundable deposit is due at the time of reservation and the second 50% the day the rental. Additionally, an open Visa or Mastercard credit card is required for a damage deposit. If there are no damages incurred during your rental, the credit card will not be charged anything. Renters are responsible for all damages incurred during their rental period.
  3. Rental rates do not include fuel. Rental boats are prepared with a full tank of gas at the beginning of the rental. The renter will only be responsible for the fuel used during their rental. Don’t take time out of your rental and pay marina pump prices when we will fuel the boat for you. We charge local land pump prices for the exact amount of fuel you use plus a $20.00 service fee. Boats average 2-3 miles per gallon and have 40-50 gallon tanks, so not paying $6.50/gallon really helps!
  4. Rental times: You can choose when you would like to depart & arrive – the latest a boat can depart is 3 p.m. for a 4 hour rental and 11 a.m. for an 8 hour rental. Lake Tahoe can become windy in the afternoons so we highly suggest the earliest start time possible. The morning is beautiful on Lake Tahoe so an early rise will create more memories.
  5. You may choose to come at any time between your scheduled rental reservation but you will forfeit that time lost if you would not like to utilize your rental hours.
  6. Lake Tahoe Boat Rental customers may take the boats as far as Emerald Bay. But, it is highly suggested to pay close attention to fuel level and inclement weather such as winds and thunder.
  7. On the day of the rental reservation, the driver of the boat is required to bring a valid drivers license and the credit card in which the rental was charged on. If these two cards are not available the day of the rental, then we cannot send out the rental or fix the charges on the credit card.
  8. We are not responsible for inclement weather. If weather conditions are dangerous at the time of the rental, the rental will be postponed and can be booked at a later date during the current boating season.

How far in advance should I make my reservation?

Two weeks is generally enough advance notice. However, our reservations are first come – first serve, so call as soon as you can to guarantee your wake boat reservation especially for Holiday and summertime vacations!

Where do you operate from?

We don’t operate from a specific spot, the boats are available for use at any point in lake tahoe with the depth to accomodate the boat at the Lake. We also offer delivery services to any lake of your choice for an additional fee.

How does fuel for the boat work?

If the boat is not in the same level when returned, the renter will be responsible for a $4.50/gallon fuel charge . Our rental staff will estimate the amount of fuel used. Since this is an estimation you pay the amount we decide, so if your not happy with that make sure there is more fuel in the boat than you left with!

Do you have life vests for children?

Yes, we have a variety of sizes ranging from a child’s size 4 to an adult large. Just let us know what sizes of life jackets you will need so we can accommodate your day on the lake!

What parts of the lake do you deliver to?

We can deliver the boats to any part of lake. Since we know your vacation time is important to you we will have the boat in the water where you want it at the time you want it there. We do have a nominal fee for delivery. This is to cover the cost of getting the boat to your Dock, Bouy, or Launch point of your choice. Give us a call and we can make arrangements. Delivery and Pick-up is rated from our boat storage location in Incline Village, NV on the North Shore of the lake.

Can I tow the boat myself?

Yes, if you feel comfortable towing the boat behind your truck or SUV and are confident with launching and loading the boat, not a big fan of it though.

Can I pick which location and boat I want?

Yes, reserve early enough and you can pick the boat and location you want to go to. However we reserve the right to substitue a like kind and size of vessel in the event of a break down or boat out of service. We regret that this happens however it does from time to time and we will make your rental happen for you or refund 100% of your money if we can’t!

Do I need to pay for parking at the lake?

Let me say maybe. Here’s why, depending on the lake you go to there may be an entrance fee for the park, or a forest pass may be required. For planning purposes plan for one or the other.